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Another “Bong Law” in Florida! 06/14/2013

It appears that Florida law makers have nothing better to do than create laws to prevent the use of Marijuana and its related paraphernalia. First those who know me know I am not a user or supporter of smoking of weed. But, I do love some of the artwork and glass blowing techniques used in making such paraphernalia.  So for one I am not a supporter of the new law. Second, ban the drug and use of it like every other state, but you can not use the smoking gun approach to everything.  So the theory here is that if you own a bong it means your a pot head.  So if I own a gun does that imply I am a cold blooded killer, If I am from Texas and own a chainsaw I am a serial killer (Texas Chain Saw Massacre).

Second doesn’t our legislature have something better to do with itself than pass a law that is going to force the closure of many businesses, oh yea they sell bongs. But it is still a job. So how does FBongs6142013lorida plan to fix the loss of employment from another stupid law.

Third do Florida lawmakers even care about there constituents according to some of the news stories this is not a supported bill by many. I know the only people that the news interviewed must be hard core pot-heads. But really why is this law going to be any better than the previous versions? Yes Florida apparently added bong laws in 2010. Shame on you all in Tallahassee there are many other things to be focused on than bongs unless you are so high you can not get your work done.  Oh Mr. Scott what a waste you are in the highest office in Florida. You are willing to put your party before the people and make decisions that effect the population of the state that may not be their choice, because it might look like you are working with your President, and make you look a little weak. 

I do not know what you are thinking but even my UPS driver asked me a couple of days ago what you were doing about the Amazon debacle here in Florida. I said what you were doing was the wrong thing and oh my! Stop the Clock! You did a 360 or is it a 180 and decided to approve the Amazon deal. Now it is time for you to do the same on the Bong Law.  Remember bongs can be used for smoking Tabaco too.

Take a swing at being a true party leader and make a move to reduce government intervention. I believe it is the Republicans that support the reduction of government regulation and this would be a good time to say we should not be medaling in this one.  If you want to reduce the use of Pot either legalize it and regulate it or identify better ways to monitor usage and treat it like booze over a certain level you go to jail up to that point nothing can be done.


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